Tuesday 19 February 2008


I know most of you know "Maggie" already - she is adorable!
I kept this card quite simple as I was just playing with M. I gave her a fun flock heart on her jumper though, and couldn't help but give her a little pair of black patent shoes (with diamond glaze)! Think I might do her whole jumper in fun flock next time! bx


Catherine said...

Isn't Maggie the cutest?!?
Love the PP that you used and adding the fun flock is a nice touch... very cute!

Anonymous said...

hiya auntie B aka crafty B!

i didnt reli lke the maggie stamp at 1st as u all ready no.
but now i think its so cute!!
luv the colours!!!!

guess wat im doin in school in art!!!
im makin mi own bag!!!


i luv ya millions