Thursday 7 February 2008

A little flavour of me...

I've been seriously crafting for about 5 years now...and just recently my mum has started to play along! This is one of her PB stamps I used to put together a card using more "scraps" (my scraps box was over flowing so I challenged myself to use some up!)....

Looking at my photographs I see a very obvious trend much RED...I guess it must be my favourite!!

I made this little card for my "darling" - he's a Geordie (from Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and his football colours are black n white....the story behind this card is, he wants to be an "irish man", I told him he wasn't so he came up with his own little word "Girish" (a mix of Geordie/irish)...I painted this little leprechaun (whipper snapper) his colours - he was delighted with the results!
I still have so much to learn with blogging...but rome wasn't built in a day...bx


Marlou McAlees said...

well done you!!!! your cards are beautiful Bernie, you will love blogging :) there are loadsa challenges and competions with little prizes and things. Magnolias and sugar Nellies are all the rage at moment as im sure you have seen :) well done again and keep up the great work :) x

My Paper World said...

Your cards are gorgeous! Welcome to blogging, You are going to have so much fun!
Nicola xx

Anonymous said...

hi auntie b

i thought i wus jus leave u a wee comment to let u know i really luv that wee idea of the girish man!!!!


lots of luv emily

Diane said...

Welcome to bloggin,I just started too and it is sooo much fun!!!
Your cards are so lovely!!