Sunday 11 January 2009

Happy Birthday Darling!

This was taken a day or 2 ago....but....I love this photo of you!! Have the best day ever my love!

PS I will get you a really nice pressie soon...promise!! bx


Zoe said...

Hello Bernie, I love your gorgeous card for your husband. Your colouring is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

O Tay!!! As our wee nephew would say!!

Thank You for a wondeful day my love!! Keep on craftin' Your creations are wonderful!! Whos that cool looking fella though. OMG, the 70's!!

Maria said...

Amazing card for hubby Bernie. Love your colouring and the layout is gorgeous. Have a good day, Maria

Deb said...

AWWW, sweet! YOur card is so gorgeous and I reckon after that, your DH has had his pressie! What more could he want?

Natalie said...

Gorgeous card Bernie. There are a couple of awards for you on my blog.

Natalie x