Saturday 16 May 2009

Cutie Petootie!

Been a busy week again....I had some training for election day polls, went to the theatre to see "A Happy Medium" (which was very good) and the family lost a relative so we had a funeral to attend to.

Yesterday we took our 2 nephews to see Coraline...ghostie ned (an expression my granda used all the time!!) was the most frightening kids movie I've ever seen!! I didn't like the content of the movie...and the 2 boys were frightened outta their skin!! Jack wanted to leave before the end!! I'd definitely keep it for older kids!

So as I had no crafty time this week I'm posting this card which I made about a week or so ago! I made it using a fab sketch I'd printed off...but after I'd finished I realised it was the sketch for "Just Magnolia"!! Yeah...the expression "daft as a brush" comes to mind!! lol N'er mind, I still liked the result!! bx


Anonymous said...

Gosh.. you sound so busy, was wondering to take lolly [8] to see that movie, but i'll leave it after reading your review :D
lovin your card, have a fab weekend hun,
Hugs, Marlene x

Deb said...

it is beautiful Bernie, I love this image, she is one of my faves! Thanks for the tip about the movie!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Debx

Natalie said...

Gorgeous card Bernie, I love the image. x

CraftyC said...

Cute card Bernie, love the pom-poms, a great touch. You do have a good memory dont you LOL. Spot on though, always wanted to be on a sketch DT so made my day when so many others applied. Anyway, have a good week, sounds like you've had alot of fun recently

RosesMarijke said...

All your cards are so beautiful!
I love Your cards!!
greetings from the wooden shoes!hahaha!

Leonie said...

How are you? I'm fine, busy as usual :)
Lovely card! The sentiment is great and is perfect for this cute stamp!! Love the round edges at one side of the card!

Leonie xx

Ila said...

I love this Fabulous card too Bernie!!...the sentiment is So Fun and perfect!!...Hugs, Ila