Saturday 31 May 2008

Reminder - blog Candy Challenge!

Just a reminder for everyone...this is the stash on offer for my challenge which runs until 31st May! Just make a card using something you haven't used for ages; and try and use up some "bits" from your scraps box..that's the challenge...easy!!!

I'm keeping this post on top until the challenge is over so please scroll down for other posts!!


Dawn said...

this sounds like fun - will have to get my thinking cap on!


kes said...

This is a great challenge. I really dislike using brown on cards, but did on this one please check it out on

Marte said...

Hi sweetheart! :)

Of course, I can! I would love for you to have her! :)

paylin said...

Hi Bernie,
Thanks for your compliment and drop by to my blog.

Enjoy ur day .... takecare c u around
x said...

Hi.I would like to enter this card for your lovely blog candy.Thanks.Elisa.x

Marte said...

I haven't got to try out any of those - why don't you choose a sweet one? :)

And, please - do send me your adress, so I can send her to you :)

TA Carbone said...

Wonderful challenge. You can see mine at

Have a nice day

M@risk@ said...

Cute cards and love your challenge but I don't think I have the time to create something.

Ila said...

Hi Bernie...Would you believe this..I made the circle card on my blog with your challenge in mind...I have edited the post at the bottom if you don't mind..have another look. Thanks for a great challenge and chance to win blog candy!!

sandyh50 said...

Hi Bernie, I had to make a sympathy card and remembered your challenge. Here is my link:

Jen said...

Hi there,
I've just discovered your wonderful blog and quickly made a card for your challenge. I hope I'm not too late!
Jennifer x